American Vision, 33 x 38 x 6

Hand-crafted infinity mirror with wood, glass, LED lights, and crystal/stone beads

*On view at the Laemmle Theatre 5 Claremont, CA from Sep 30 2018 - Jan 24 2019


I conceived this work on the night of July 4th 2018. I was watching the brilliant patriotic display of fireworks from my balcony, drinking beer from the cans and eating bbq burgers, when I was struck with an ineffable sense of sadness. Nearly 2 years after the election, the ideological schism in our politics has only deepened, and I was doubting if we would ever reunite under the same flag… but are we even seeing the same flag?

American Vision speaks to my hope of a future where we see options beyond polarities, because I believe that our world is large enough and our heart is complex enough to handle the multiplicity and diversity of social political ideas. When you look at this piece, what do you see? A vision of unity “we are one”? A vision of supremacy “we are number one”? Can you see a world where two ideas can co-exist, overlapping each other in a brilliant and joyful display of fireworks, like the one reflected by this mirror?

—Yeu Q Nguyen, Aug 2018