Yeu Q Nguyen is a first-generation Vietnamese American artist based in Los Angeles. She was trained as a figurative painter at Laguna College of Art + Design, and developed her own sculptural practice. Q uses light as both a paint brush and a chisel to unlock the forms of her sculptures, which are often transparent or reflective. “Discovery is a delightful, at times deeply moving, experience. It empowers both those who see, and those who are seen. It touches the soul in wondrous, unexpected ways. ” Her work has recently been at the Laemmle Claremont 5, the Autry’s Southwest Museum, and Avenue 50 gallery.

Besides her studio practice, Q continues to teach both group and private art lessons, take on private commissions, and curate local art exhibitions. She is also an activist, a published writer, and avid rock climber. 

She can be reached at yeuqart@gmail.com.


• UPCOMING: Public sculptural installation, "Sheltered," Audubon Center at Debs park Highland Park, May - June 2019

• UPCOMING: Group show, "2 Degrees," Avenue 50 Highland Park, April - May 2019

• Artist residency, Exceptional Children’s Foundation Center, South LA Sep-Dec 2018

• Group show, "Death and Remembrance," The Autry’s Southwest Museum Mt. Washington Nov 3- Dec 8 2018

• Group show, "Polarities," Laemmle Theatre 5 Claremont Sep 18 - Dec 30 2018

• Group show, "Renaissance Artists," RCAA + Inlandia 2 Riverside May 24 - June 23