American Memorial, 12 x 12 x 6

Hand-crafted infinity mirror with wood, glass, LED lights, and crystal/stone beads


I made this piece on the heel of American War. It felt natural that after completing a piece on the subject of war, my interest should be drawn to the subject of its fallout, aka. the fallen. The beading was kept bare, to replicate that solemn simplicity of grave sites. I included beads that represent the usual offerings at memorial: roses, purple hearts, crosses. The infinity effect of the mirror adds a powerful visual and emotional punch to the piece. Seeing the crosses stretching out to infinity, I am reminded of the perfectly aligned graves of soldiers who fell on the battlefield. I must wonder: how many more lives will we lose in these futile, endless wars? The answer, of course, lies in infinity.

—Yeu Q Nguyen, Sep 2018